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About Dragonfly Audio

- Welcome to the presentation on Dragonfly Audio.

- This company specializes in creating music and sound effects for the gaming and movie industry.

- Presenter: Dragan Vuckovic, Founder, and Creative Director.

Our Stories

- Curling (Short Film 2022): - Provided an musical score for     


- Vellingeblomman (Halloween Exhibition): - Designed spooky

   soundscapes and music for a prominent store's Halloween


- Commercials: - Developed catchy audio for various commercials,

   capturing audiences' attention.

- Divers Descent (Mobile Game):

   Creating captivating music and sound effects for a mobile game

Current projects

- Upcoming Videogame) - Currently working on creating

   immersive music and sound effects for an exciting upcoming video game.

- 2 Albums: - Showcasing versatility, currently working

   on two albums that highlights a range of styles.

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Thank you for contacting us!

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